Lynette Helps Small Businesses with

“The Business of Being a Family in Business”

Lynette Young is an experienced keynote speaker with a message that resonates with business owners struggling to find “sanity in success.” With quirky stories, unpredictable outcomes, and surprising lessons, Lynette quickly connects with her audience to ignite their strengths and passions and lead them to peace and profitability.
Lynette offers a mastermind coaching series to help success-oriented business owners. It is really an exploration of the mindfulness and determination it takes to define, launch and succeed at the one thing you’ve dreamt of doing but has held yourself back from.
Lynette is the Co-Founder and Marketing Director at ClaimWizard, a SaaS workflow automation platform specifically designed for the public insurance advocate industry.
Lynette has written “Google+ for Small Businesses” (Publisher: Pearson Que Biz/Tech). She is also a contributing author to “SxSW Pokes” (Author: Seth Godin) and What the Plus!” (Author: Guy Kawasaki).

Articles & Thoughts

How to be a Productive Work-From-Home Family Business

As many family-owned businesses quickly realize, there is often an overlap between “work from home” and “family business.” Luckily, a lot of the same challenges employees and freelancers face are the same as family-owned businesses. That means...

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