June 2, 2014 Lynette Young

Brand New Beginnings

I have pretty big professional news to announce. Over the past few weeks I’ve seen a lot of people I know announce new positions at great companies, and today is that day for me.

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After leaving “corporate” life in 1999 and founding Purple Stripe Productions in 2006, I have made the decision to take the leap to full time employment. The industry I have thrived working in – digital marketing and social technologies – has significantly matured over the last few years. In order for me to continue to stay ahead of the curve, it was right time for me to move on as a solopreneur at Purple Stripe Productions. I am happy to announce I am now working at AWeber Communications as the new Content Marketing Manager.

Now that the big ta-daa! announcement is done I can chat a bit about where my professional future is headed. Why did I leave my own company? Why AWeber? What will I be doing at AWeber? Who should you work with if I’m not taking Purple Stripe projects any longer? It took me quite some time to come up with the answers to those questions and I’m happy to share with you what I know.

Why did I leave my own company?

Because it was time. Think back to what “social media” and “digital marketing” was back in 1997. I know, you are thinking it didn’t exist, but it did. That’s when I first started moonlighting from my corporate job (network engineer) and built blogs, email lists, message boards (BBS), and learned how to market small businesses on the Internet. Times have changed, and the same type of clients that would hire me as a consultant to get them involved in digital marketing now have internal teams or working with outside agencies. It had gotten to a point, for me, that I was spending much too much time on getting business and not working on business. Could I have “staffed up” and become a proper agency myself? Sure. But that isn’t the path I wanted. What I realized I was missing was the ability to work on a project and stay working on the project. Normally once things were running smoothly and the staff trained, I transitioned out and never got to see the end result.

After a long process of looking at what I wanted to do, I narrowed down the type of role that I wanted to pursue for a full time position. That left me with a good deal of companies to think about, but there was still something missing from my list. What I really wanted was to find a company that fit my core beliefs on how a company should be run, and how well they treat their employees and customers. In addition, it was critical to find a company that fit into my “professional comfort zone” of marketing, technology, and small businesses. The list was narrowed to exactly ONE company. AWeber Communications.

Why AWeber? What will I be doing at AWeber?

The “why” work for this particular company is a really easy answer, it is an AWesome company (no lie). Besides, my history with AWeber actually goes back pretty far. Years ago I was a co-organizer for PodCamp Philly and AWeber stepped up and was one of our first sponsors. The PodCamp team used the email marketing platform to build and grow our email list both locally and globally. I’ve seen the company grow over the years and move through several buildings just to keep up with the staff increases. I’ve also seen how their customers have grown their own businesses using AWeber email marketing solutions. Now that I’m working at AWeber, I’ve seen how every single team member practices what they preach(The slide and cafeteria in the building don’t hurt either…)

Being that I’ve only been at my new job a week, it’s a bit premature to say exactly what I’ll be doing in the role. As Content Marketing Manager my primary focus will be to help small business owners learn as much as they can about AWeber’s email marketing platform and use it in a productive and profitable way to grow their own business. If you are a business that wants to learn how to leverage the power of email marketing then I highly recommend taking a look at my company’s blog and resource guides. We are here to help!

Who should you work with if I’m not taking Purple Stripe projects any longer?

Since I’m no longer “on the market” (my husband of 14 years would agree as well) I wanted to give recommendation for other companies to contact in my professional absence. I’ve worked with the founders of both companies and have no reservations pointing you their way.

  • True Voice Media: Jeff and his team is the best place I can think to recommend to anyone wanting to work with a team that offers similar services (and results) to what Purple Stripe has offered.
  • Double Good MediaIf you are looking for copywriting with focus and purpose, my friends at Double Good Media are the digital scribes for you.

What’s Next?

The sky’s the limit! I’m excited about a new chapter in my professional career, new responsibilities, a new team, and the opportunity to work for a company that values small businesses and wants to help them become successful. I’m expecting bumps in the road with my ability to juggle my previously very accessible social media presence with the responsibilities of my new job, but Twitter is a pretty sure-fire way to get my attention! You can also keep a lookout for me on the AWeberLife Tumblr or follow #AWeberLife on Twitter.

Other questions that seem to be popping up are:

  1. The book I’m in the process of writing “The Most Important Content Marketing Question EVER” is still on track for this summer
  2. I will remain co-owner of my husband’s company ClaimWizard and help as the Sorceress of Marketing & Education
  3. I may entertain doing speaking engagements outside of AWeber only if they serve a higher purpose within the women entrepreneur and technology space (chances are these will align with AWeber so feel free to contact me regardless)
  4. No, I haven’t been down the slide yet, but I am sure I’ve already gained the AWeber 15 from the amazing cafeteria

Thanks so much to everyone that has cheered me on during this journey, it’s been one wild ride!

The last thing I have to say is… Yes, AWeber is hiring!


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Comments (32)

  1. John Langan

    A match made in heaven… Those lucky bastards!!! Congrats… And all the best!

  2. Michael Donnelly

    Congrats to you @LynetteRadio…You’ll do gr8…All the Best in this new endeavor!

  3. Great post — and great move! We’re all thrilled to have you join the crew, Lynette. It’s been a pleasure teaming up with you the past couple of years and it’ll be even more awesome now! Cheers!

  4. First of all, congratulations! I can only imagine how hard it was to step away from your company, which should be evidence, for ANYONE that questions this decision, just how awesome AWeber must be!

    Second, I am beyond honored and humbled to make your exclusive list of recommended companies. Thank you.

    I hope that this means we can work together more as we are big fans of AWeber at True Voice Media.

  5. Congrats! Great move and I’m excited to keep following along on your career adventures as you are always ahead of the curve in my book. Good luck!

    • Kathryn Hellewell

      Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Google+ podcast you did together for Social Media Examiner. As a solo digital consultant and social media trainer, I know how hard it is to stay ahead of the curve (hence absorbing and learning from your content). I find it so refreshing that you’ve publicly admitted that and made this leap. You’ve made my day, good luck!

  6. Congrats on this really cool new gig! It sounds like one of those perfect moments where the shoe really does fit. I can’t wait to see the amazing things you do.

  7. Congratulations on your new career move, Lynette. Always love watching people’s second, third and fourth acts. Can’t wait to see how yours unfolds!

  8. This sounds like an exciting new chapter for you Lynette. I must say that although Aweber is awesome, THEY are the ones that benefiting the most by securing you. :) I wish you the best!

  9. Congrats Lynette. aWeber was the first email company I set up for a client’s newsletter years ago…right after I met them at PodCamp Philly. I still recommend them to clients. Good for you for finding the right fit and taking the leap back into the fold.

  10. Congratulations Lynette! I know this was not an easy decision but we are all proud of you for taking time to do it right! Good luck at Aweber, they are lucky to have you! Cheers!

  11. Awesome, and AWeber is lucky to have you! You bring so much talent to the table, plus a loyal and strong following. Of course, you will be successful whoever you go, Lynette!

  12. Robin

    Congrats Lynette! Success will follow you wherever your future leads you. I wish you much happiness!

  13. Congratulations! I was an Aweber customer until very recently, and moved away only because my specific needs no longer required their service… NOT because of any shortcomings on their part. On the contrary, their customer service, transparency, and professionalism is among the best I’ve experienced.

    Have fun there!

  14. Lynette, As always, you’re an inspiration to so many. It sounds like you’ve made the right decision, and it’s perfect modeling for others as noone ever said, once an entrepreneur … you can’t go back, you’re proving you can!

    Best of luck & hope you’re still able to attend Geek Girls, although you’ll be wearing a new hat when you do.

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