April 16, 2015 Lynette Young

Video Network for FIERCE GenX Women

I had some big news (well, big to ME) news I wanted to announce here at #NMX New Media Expo since it IS the very epicenter of what I do.

What’s my announcement? In a nutshell = I’ve developed a brand new podcast / video network for FIERCE GenX women (Y chromosome optional) that refuse to be limited by our age, restricted by our environment or defined by our past. Women who strive for and embrace their sexy, vibrant, confident, sassy, outspoken, diverse, empowered, bold and FIERCE selves will find a kindred community and content with us free from stereotypes and full of inspiration.

While at NMX this week, a few of the last missing pieces (AND THE AMAZINGLY RIGHT PERSON Danielle Smith) I needed FINALLY came together after 1.5 years of research and design. The ultimate plan is to have a dozen content producers / shows. The launch will be with the “core 4″ topics – fashion, food, face (beauty) and far away (travel). The expansion includes faith, flirt, family, flicks (movies/TV), fitness and a handful more.

For a long time I’ve had false starts with developing GenX and women’s community because I tried to build it on platforms that went against how I best communicate and build relationships. The medium needs to match the message. Thankfully my track record in the industry has allotted me that ability to attract strategic partners to build the MVP out quickly.

Why GenX women? Because I am one. Because I want to surround myself with other people (typically women, but it’s really open for anyone) that find passion in the same topics I do. Because it’s fun to explore and celebrate femininity. Because SHOES AND MAKEUP ARE AWESOME. Because it’s about time we step out from the shadows of our lives and become fierce.

(I am obviously staying on as Director of Marketing Technologies at Mingl Marketing Group where we are a Hubspot Partner agency that focuses on hybrid inbound marketing solutions for brands and companies – no worries there!)

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