Podcasting Mastermind: San Francisco

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Do you currently produce a podcast and want to learn proven ways to grow your listenership? Are you looking for the “secret formula” to climbing charts in iTunes to get your show more exposure? Do you know the all the options to best monetize your show? Would you like sponsors knocking down your door to work with you?

I can help.

Announcing the Podcasting Mastermind on Tuesday June 23, 2015 in San Francisco California.

Over the past 10 years I’ve worked with over 30 corporate podcasting clients and taught them all my tips, tricks and secrets that get real results. I’ve even used these methods myself to land one of my first podcasts (way back in 2005) a SIX FIGURE sponsorship and distribution deal and am currently the founder of a podcasting NETWORK that is quickly on track for the same.

This Podcasting Mastermind is for people with existing audio or video podcasts that are looking to grow beyond hobby status and produce real results – and money – from their show.

If you are just starting out your podcast and struggling with editing your audio or uploading your artwork – you may not be ready for the Podcasting Mastermind. But, if you are looking to fast track your podcast into a professional-level enterprise then don’t let me hold you back!

Podcasting Mastermind - San Francisco

The Mastermind is $399.00 for a full day event (includes lunch) and covers the following:

Podcasting Mastermind Agenda

Promoting Your Podcast

  • Going beyond organic Tweeting and Facebook messages to gain the most exposure to your show
  • How to run promos across other shows and how to choose the shows that will best attract the RIGHT audience
  • Effective Facebook and Twitter advertising strategies including audience targeting tactics
  • Email marketing ideas and tactics to quickly grow your show

Editorial Schedules & Episode Templates

  • Discover how to re-architect your editorial process to get shows released in less time
  • Learn ways (and resources) to outsource specific parts of your show production
  • See epiode template examples from other successful (and profitable) shows including email

Shownote Best Practices

  • Find out how to design and write your show notes to attract more listeners and gain more subscribers to both your show AND blog
  • Are show transcripts really worth the time? Find out the pros and cons and resources to get it done for CHEAP
  • Discover affiliate marketing opportunities to maximize your show’s profitability

Call To Actions (CTAs) In Your Show

  • Learn how to design CTAs IN your show that grow listeners and subscribers
  • Design CTAs in your show that prove your value to your sponsors
  • Find out WHAT CTAs are the best for YOUR show and how to ‘mix them up’ to keep your audience engaged… and clicking

Climbing the Charts

  • You’ve already done your time on iTunes “New & Noteworthy” – now what?
  • Discover tricks on getting your show high placement in iTunes by listing in additional Categories
  • How to construct your show notes and description to get found MORE

Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities

  • Learn the various ways to charge for sponsorship and what ‘numbers’ you need to get the money you want
  • Discover what sponsors are looking for in a show and what metrics matter to them
  • Find out what podcast hosting options you have for a professional level show that gives you access to advertising without selling a thing!
  • Get my “podcasting sponsorship report” to plug in your own numbers to give to your sponsors
  • Sponsorship “one-sheet” templates and ideas to produce professional marketing materials to sponsors that get them to show you the money!

Podcasting Mastermind Perks

  • Sign up by June 1, 2015 and receive TWO 1-hour follow up phone calls with Lynette.**
  • Sign up by June 14, 2015 and receive ONE 1-hour follow up phone calls with Lynette.**


My normal fees for working with podcasting clients START at $7,500 with most coming in closer to $10,000. If you are willing to learn and put in the work yourself, this Podcasting Mastermind will be the right choice for you.

Geek Girl Tech Con alumni receive a 20% discount – contact us direct for information (and don’t click the button above!)

The specific San Francisco location is TBD until I get a better idea of how many people will be attending. I use Breather Spaces for training locations.

**Phone calls must be used within three months of the Mastermind.

Video Network for FIERCE GenX Women

I had some big news (well, big to ME) news I wanted to announce here at #NMX New Media Expo since it IS the very epicenter of what I do.

What’s my announcement? In a nutshell = I’ve developed a brand new podcast / video network for FIERCE GenX women (Y chromosome optional) that refuse to be limited by our age, restricted by our environment or defined by our past. Women who strive for and embrace their sexy, vibrant, confident, sassy, outspoken, diverse, empowered, bold and FIERCE selves will find a kindred community and content with us free from stereotypes and full of inspiration.

While at NMX this week, a few of the last missing pieces (AND THE AMAZINGLY RIGHT PERSON Danielle Smith) I needed FINALLY came together after 1.5 years of research and design. The ultimate plan is to have a dozen content producers / shows. The launch will be with the “core 4″ topics – fashion, food, face (beauty) and far away (travel). The expansion includes faith, flirt, family, flicks (movies/TV), fitness and a handful more.

For a long time I’ve had false starts with developing GenX and women’s community because I tried to build it on platforms that went against how I best communicate and build relationships. The medium needs to match the message. Thankfully my track record in the industry has allotted me that ability to attract strategic partners to build the MVP out quickly.

Why GenX women? Because I am one. Because I want to surround myself with other people (typically women, but it’s really open for anyone) that find passion in the same topics I do. Because it’s fun to explore and celebrate femininity. Because SHOES AND MAKEUP ARE AWESOME. Because it’s about time we step out from the shadows of our lives and become fierce.

(I am obviously staying on as Director of Marketing Technologies at Mingl Marketing Group where we are a Hubspot Partner agency that focuses on hybrid inbound marketing solutions for brands and companies – no worries there!)

Social Media Marketing World 2015

San Diego here I come (again!) I’m excited to be heading for the second year in a row to present at Social Media Marketing World 2015 for a session on Google+. I will be in town from March 25-27, 2015 and hope to see you at the event! Looking to connect with me at #SMMW15? My schedule and session recommendations are below.

Google+ Ninja Tactics: Three Ways to Maximize Your Google+ Efforts

Are you wondering how to finally use Google+ for your business to get real results? In this session, Lynette Young (author, Google+ for Small Businesses) shares three steps to advance your business on Google+. You’ll discover how to integrate email marketing, content marketing and social media marketing in conjunction with the Google+ platform and community to expand your digital marketing success.

Podcasting Roots Run Deep

I’m researching a bit of information for a Social Media Club – Philadelphia talk I’m doing (on podcasting naturally) and couldn’t remember which event I did my “Women in Podcasting” talk at. To my knowledge it’s the first talk of the subject to happen, and I’m THRILLED that more and more convos are taking place around it (women in media/podcasting.)

We have a lot further to go… “Serial” doesn’t *fix* it all.

Lynette Young

Take some time and flip through CC Chapman‘s old Flickr album from PodCamp NYC 2007. So many AMAZING people there. The PodCamp NYC event was the start (or continuation…) of something that would shift digital communications globally. I’d been podcasting for THREE years at that point and an early member of the New Jersey Podcasters Association and created bonds and friendships that are still strong today.

We were fresh faces and brilliant minds not yet aware of the way we’d change the world. Startups and agencies and yet-to-be authors with best selling books. Game changers. Hell, we didn’t change games. We INVENTED them.

My roots are DEEP here. We changed the world. Now it’s your turn to make something meaningful.

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