The Most Important Content Marketing Question EVER

The Most Important Content Marketing Question EVERCurrently writing her second book “The Most Important Content Marketing Question EVER… and the answer(s)“, Lynette Young strives to answer “The Only Question, The First Question, The Oldest Question in the Universe, Hidden in Plain Sight”:

How long / short is too long / short when I create marketing content for a blog post / podcast / email newsletter / video / social media update and where should I be putting all this content and how often?

The question is one that everyone asks and wants to know the very best answer of all time for their business and customers. Well, wait no longer! My answer:

Your marketing content needs to be exactly as short / long as it needs to be to include everything you and your readers need to know, and not one word or minute more or less and published where you will gain maximum exposure and interaction with potential customers as often as your audience will tolerate and you can consistently sustain.

Wow. That was a mouthful. It seems like that would be the end of the book, wouldn’t it? (You still need to read the book.)

Now to be honest, this book does not dive into the actual topic of content marketing. WHAT you put in your messaging to reach a specific goal is not the intention of this book. I’m covering more of the HOW. Quite simply, I’m only going to talk about:

  1. Content length
  2. Content format
  3. Content publishing platforms

This book assumes you are familiar with the concept of content marketing and the various social networking platforms and digital publishing opportunities online today. If you don’t know what ‘the Twitters’, Google+, or email marketing is, then I strongly suggest putting this book aside for a bit and do some more research.

Due for publication late spring 2015. Be sure to subscribe to her newsletter to keep in the loop.

Google+ For Small Businesses

Google+ For Small Business - Lynette YoungSmall Business Owners: Use Google+ to generate and convert leads, build buzz, and deliver flat-out unbeatable service and support! World-renowned Google+ marketing expert (and small businessperson) Lynette Young helps you target the specific tasks that’ll deliver the greatest and most immediate returns, and execute on a tiny (make that non-existent) budget, even if you have practically no technical expertise.

No huge corporate case studies here: This is 100% do-it-yourself, ridiculously easy, fast, and cheap! Goals, objectives, strategies, tactics: They’re all here, all streamlined for your real-world small business. Discover how to listen, search, and scope out your Google+ environment…connect and network with Circles…create, teach, shorten sales cycles, and close business with Hangouts…collaborate on Pages to make your offerings even more valuable…build a winning business profile…use Events…leverage Google+ integration with Google Search…add value to your client’s day…attract qualified referrals…and a whole lot more. Google+ social networking gives your small business a huge potential advantage over your slower, less clued-in competitors. Grab that advantage right now, with Google+ for Small Business!

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SxSW Pokes – Seth Godin

SXSW Pokes CoverLynette has contributed a chapter to Seth Godin’s SxSW Pokes (free download). Via The Domino Project, Seth Godin has collected some of the best stories and organized them into an eBook called “SxSW Pokes”. You will find 50 inspiring stories about taking initiative from accomplished entrepreneurs and up-and-coming stars (including Lynette’s).




What the Plus! – Guy Kawasaki

What The Plus Guy KawasakiLynette has contributed a chapter to Guy Kawasaki‘s book, “What the Plus! Google+ for the Rest of Us” that is now available free of charge courtesy of Samsung Galaxy Note. Book topics include: How to circle people, how to perfect your profile, how to craft effective posts, how to comment, how to respond to comments, and how to share photographs.






Lynette is available for book tour appearances or interviews. Please contact her assistant at thank you.

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