Lynette Young is a seasoned, entertaining, and informative conference event speaker that would be honored to be of service to your organization.

Her message and experience resonate with women and family owned small businesses struggling to find sanity in success. With quirky stories, unpredictable outcomes, and surprising lessons, Lynette quickly connects with her audience to ignite their strengths and passions and lead them to peace and profitability.

Lynette speaks at a wide array of organizations including Fortune 500 firms, women’s organizations, small business conferences, direct sales organizations, and private companies of all sizes to help them overcome hurdles and plateaus of starting, running or growing a small business.

She was just 19 years old her first time on a stage where, with two days notice, gave a presentation to her organization that brought down the house. She’s been hooked on the stage and delivering powerful messages ever since.

Lynette is a force to be reckoned with. She has a keen sense of the digital space and unparalleled ability to create cohesive working groups. Her enthusiasm is infectious, lending strength and support to those with whom she works. Evo Terra

Founder, Podiobooks

Building an Overnight Success in 25 Years or Less

This is a shortened version of her signature keynote.

There is a myth in the online space about lucky people that become an “overnight success” out of nowhere. It’s bunk. Or more specifically, an iceberg. However you look at it, it takes a lot more than showing up to the party to achieve success. Find out how to dig deep and celebrate your own version of instant stardom and success. Through this talk Lynette will share stories and insights from her quarter-decade long career from corporate technology to entrepreneurship – and what you can pull from your own past to create future success.

Lynette can intertwine Profits, People, Passion, Process, Promotion, Perception and Perseverance into a unique and actionable talk custom for your audience, their goals, and needs.

So many people claim to be social media experts, but Lynette is the real deal. Her knowledge and experience goes beyond the social channels and marries marketing principles with social techniques and tools in a way that helps businesses grow. When I was organizing the social media conference Community Manager Recharge, I knew I wanted to have a session on Google+ and I also knew there is no one I’d rather have present on the topic than Lynette. But even beyond the amazing business mind and insightful marketing expert, Lynette is truly a generous and wonderful person. Ben Blakesley

Senior Manager of Global Social Media, Reebok

Below are a sample of past talks and workshops Lynette has presented. These are now retired to allow her to focus on her keynote offerings.
Embracing the Negative (retired)

(This talk has been retired to allow her to focus on her keynote offerings.)

Learning how to not just contain the damage or ignore it, but actively solicit the conversation-starters into repairing your image. Don’t want to get into the space because you are afraid of negative conversations about your brand? Guess what? It’s happening if you are there or not.

Unexpected Evangelists (retired)

(This talk has been retired to allow her to focus on her keynote offerings.)

Learn how to identify, reward and encourage the most passionate of your customers into spreading your ideas for next to nothing. You will also understand how to effectively leverage sponsorships, meetups / Tweetups, and contests to create word-of-mouth buzz.

Beyond Text: Bringing Multimedia Immersion to Your Message (retired)

(This talk has been retired to allow her to focus on her keynote offerings.)

While some may say ‘print is dead’, print on the web (or your iPhone) is alive and well. YouTube is one of the world’s most popular web destination for a reason. Learn to reach beyond the the ‘printed word’ and draw your clients into a multimedia experience that will position you as the go-to source in your industry.

Marketing The Money Is (retired)

(This talk has been retired to allow her to focus on her keynote offerings.)

Audience identification hinges on not only finding the right people to listen to, but the right people to sell to. By focusing your online efforts in the most profitable places, you can gain fans and customers while minimizing your time and cost.

Google+ for YOUR Business (retired)

(Google+ talks have been retired to focus on a more broad topic of digital media.)

Your day is busy. Your time is limited. Your budget is even smaller. Come “Hangout” with Lynette to find real actionable ways to work Google+ into your business. You will discover why Google+ isn’t just a social network, but a vital piece of online digital publishing and marketing to get you noticed FAST.


To inquire about Lynette keynoting your upcoming event, feel free to call 609-858-2016 or contact her assistant using the form below.

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