Lynette Young has spoken at prestigious events including Ignite, TEDx, BlogWorld & New Media Expo, Social Media Club, numerous PodCamps, Web 2.0 Expo as well as numerous private corporations, non-profits, and educational establishments.

How To Kickstart Social With Google+

This webinar-style Hangout on Air was hosted by Google’s official Google+ Your Business and features ComcastCaresRadioShack and Lynette Young. Check out the great conversation on how your business can kick start its presence on Google+.

Conference Interviews

Interview Conducted with CC Champan

C.C. Champan conducted this interview with Lynette for .TV / Verisign at BlogWorld & New Media Expo. In this interview Lynette talks about her views on the need for more video use online and in social media, especially pertaining to professional women.

Interview Conducted with Chris Brogan

This on-the-floor interview with Chris Brogan was recorded at BlogWorld & New Media Expo in 2011 in conjunction with Chris’ new book, Google+ for Business.

Ignite Wilmington

Ignite was by far Lynette’s favorite presentation EVER. Ignite talks are meant to be fund, edgy, and educational – all within the confines of 20 slides auto-advanced every 15 seconds. This talk fulfilled a lifelong dream of Lynette’s to use slides that contained nothing but cute cat pictures and meaningless statistics. She’s given (cleaner and non-timed) variations of this talk multiple times since.

Slides from presentation

Women & Social Media for Real Estate and Women (RAW)

A quick in-the-hall interview reveals Lynette’s views on using social media as a place for women to find their voice.