BlogWorld & New Media Expo NYC 2012Lynette Young will be presenting her talk, titled “Taking The World’s Stage: Women Using Social Media” to the thousands of BlogWorld & New Media Expo NYC 2012 (use discount code BLYnette10) attendees from over 50 different countries. BlogWorld will be held in New York City from June 5-7, 2012.

“Taking The World’s Stage: Women Using Social Media”

From young women entering the work force to creative women entrepreneurs and established women in top-tier corporate positions, women are smart — really smart. The technology to use social media platforms may be a hurdle, but what truly keeps women from fully using these platforms is their fear of making mistakes when the whole world can see them. Many women believe the notion that the content they create must be perfect before publishing it online, or they fear that their input isn’t valued.

Ms. Young will shatter these fears and stereotypes and give women the tools and empowerment needed to thrive using social media and demonstrate to everyone else that women are a powerful and influential force on the social web.

BlogWorld & New Media Expo NYC 2012

About Lynette Young:

CEO of Purple Stripe Productions, Lynette Young is one of the first podcaster to have received a six-figure sponsorship just to chat (and that was her first year).  Since then, she has been helping others put their dreams into action as a social media coach, social technology specialist, and a strategist for businesses regarding implementation services.  Her love (besides her family) is Google+.  Ms. Young believes that Google+ is the future for business and, as such, is the founder and curator of  Women of Google+.  She is a 1st Generation Google+ User, one of the 50 Most Followed Women of Google+ with over 1.1 MILLION followers.

An engaging and informative speaker in the social media and technology front, her specialties include Google+, current and future technologies and communication trends. Find out more at

About BlogWorld & New Media Expo:

BlogWorld & New Media Expo is the must-attend social media conference that includes three days of cutting-edge conference sessions and eye-opening keynotes. This is the only industry-wide event bringing the global community of content creators and publishers together all under one roof. BlogWorld has become known for covering all the latest strategies, best practices, and proven techniques for content creation, distribution and monetization.

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