It’s GO time! Now that the holidays are over, I can turn my attention to New Media Expo – I’m the opener keynote on Saturday (no pressure).

My plan at New Media Expo is to share stories and what experience I have about working in new/digital media for 25 years, what it takes (and means) to be an “overnight success” … and why that idea is complete bunk.

While some might know me for my Google/+ knowledge, many of you have known me longer than the past 2.5 years. Maybe you remember my work Mar/Tech with MySpace, Second Life, Blogging, Podcasting… or maybe even enterprise technology. Maybe you’ve seen me talk at any of the nearly 100 events I’ve attended in the past two years alone. But let’s be completely honest, you probably have never heard of me and never seen me speak. But you know what? That’s okay. I work under the waterline, in the trenches, behind the scenes. With you. Gettin’ it done.

Want to connect at New Media Expo? Email me at or find me on Twitter. Find my New Media Expo schedule online: (subject to change, of course!)

Keynote Description

The Myth of the “Overnight Success” : How to Build an Iceberg in 25 Years or Less

NMX Keynote Notes Lynette YoungThere is a myth in the online space about lucky people that become an “overnight success” out of nowhere. It’s bunk. Or more specifically, an iceberg. However you look at it, it takes a lot more than showing up to the party to achieve success. Lynette Young has been a technology and marketing professional for 25 years, one of the earliest bloggers and podcasters, and now a huge Google+ fan. Find out how it took her so long to become an “overnight success” – including how to dig deep and find your own version of instant stardom.


UPDATE: has a great compliation of the Twitter stream of content around the keynote. Thank you again to New Media Expo’s amazing team and to every person that attended. You are all my 90%.