I’m researching a bit of information for a Social Media Club – Philadelphia talk I’m doing (on podcasting naturally) and couldn’t remember which event I did my “Women in Podcasting” talk at. To my knowledge it’s the first talk of the subject to happen, and I’m THRILLED that more and more convos are taking place around it (women in media/podcasting.)

We have a lot further to go… “Serial” doesn’t *fix* it all.

Lynette Young

Take some time and flip through CC Chapman‘s old Flickr album from PodCamp NYC 2007. So many AMAZING people there. The PodCamp NYC event was the start (or continuation…) of something that would shift digital communications globally. I’d been podcasting for THREE years at that point and an early member of the New Jersey Podcasters Association and created bonds and friendships that are still strong today.

We were fresh faces and brilliant minds not yet aware of the way we’d change the world. Startups and agencies and yet-to-be authors with best selling books. Game changers. Hell, we didn’t change games. We INVENTED them.

My roots are DEEP here. We changed the world. Now it’s your turn to make something meaningful.