I’m a sucker for professional self-assessment tests. The “Myers–Briggs Type Indicator” has long been one of my favorites. (I’m ENFJ or The Protagonist on “16 Personalities.” 2022 edit: Check out DeniseDT.com/quiz for her Money Archetypes, I’m a Ruler/Romantic/Maverick.) I always felt it summed me up pretty well. But that assessment is just one side of the coin. That’s how I see myself, or how I interact with others. It doesn’t necessarily tell me other people’s perception of me.

Perception is one of my hot words for sure (my keynotes touch on this a LOT.) I used to be very interested in not just understanding how a person is perceived by others but how to CHANGE that perception. Sally Hogshead’s “How To Fascinate” book and personality test changed my mind on it all. I’m no longer interested in changing how people see me but rather using that perception to my advantage.

Sound interesting? Read on…

It’s fairly well-known from popular culture that a person can have one VERY different opinion and view of themselves than what the rest of the world sees. But what happens when you see yourself one way (and expect to be treated that way…) and the world sees you differently?

Friction. Disappointment. Confusion.

What if you could find out how the world sees you and then learn to use that perception to your advantage? Game. Changer.

The purpose of the “Fascination Advantage® assessment” project is to show people everywhere the best of who they are. Sally has designed this to show you what makes you fascinating because it represents your most valuable qualities. These are qualities you can leverage to earn more, do more, and be more. There are a total of 42 combinations of results, so there is a really high chance the details of the results will match how people perceive you.

My archetype is “The Maestro” and it was VERY surprising to me.

To this day, the part about trust being my “dormant” quality is sad to me. I may be reading it incorrectly, but it seems not that people don’t trust me, but rather I don’t need to build trust to influence people. I find that odd to be honest (pun intended!)

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