Should you hire your kids? If you are looking for ways to “hire” your 18-and-under kids to work in your family small business and actually be productive, let’s chat on Facebook Live. Below the video are some notes.
  • Don’t pay your kids an “allowance” but IF you choose to pay them, make it for actual work.
  • Have them complete timesheets and pay them AFTER they do the work (IF you pay them at all…) just like real life.
  • Choose age-appropriate tasks. Hiring your 15-year-old to file paperwork, maintain the office and answer phones is acceptable. Operating heavy machinery is NOT.
  • Document the job as if you were hiring anybody else. Make sure you have a job description and “employment agreement.”
  • Give them a fancy title and a name badge if you’d like (works wonders with the littles.)

Homework for YOU

  • Make a list over the next TWO weeks of *everything* you do – specifically the ‘menial’ tasks
    • Rate them from 1-5 (1 = important 5=brain falling out of head)
    • Items ranked 3-5 might be able to go to kids

Tasks for Younger Kids

  • empty wastebaskets / office maintenance
  • bring in mail and sort out junk mail
  • sort mail (not open)
  • help make lunch & snacks

Tasks for Tween Kids

  • open / sort mail and file papers
  • social media / Instagram research
  • cook simple meal with supervision
  • baby-sit younger siblings (with adult in the home)
  • pack/unpack displays marketing materials etc.

Tasks for Older Kids

  • meal prep and meal planning
  • baby-sit younger siblings
  • social media / Instagram content generation (you get final approval)
  • answer phones
  • accompany you to shows/conferences/sales etc.
  • social video production