The world around us changes, mostly for the better, with technology. Cars, computers, phones… chances are your business has changed over the years because of technology. I’m in awe that those of us in service-based industries can work from home. All we need is a good internet connection, a decent computer, and a few hours of peace and quiet (preferably in a row.)

The thing about all this is that we can now be in more than one place at a time. Working with one client at a time, or being at one school function at a time isn’t going to cut it any longer.

What’s a gal to do? Lots and lots of people to serve, including my family, but only so many hours in a day. The things that usually get cut are anything to do with ME like self-care, exercise, or going out with friends. The things that often take a hit are weekend trips with the family, date night with my husband, and shopping trips with my mom.

I’m selfish.

I want all my time back.

I’m taking it back.

But how?

I’m transitioning my coaching business to be more online courses.

My family moved to San Antonio Texas in August 2017. With that change came a shift in my business and my willingness to trade time for money. 99% of my coaching, training, and speaking business was obtained because of in-person referrals. People who I coached or saw me speak “told a friend” – or their boss – and I found another client. During the move this summer, I turned away a lot of new clients because I only had “so many hours” which to sell my time (I actually sell my experience, but that’s an entirely different topic.)

Guess what happens when you move across the country into another time zone? You leave the majority of those clients behind. Now, technology, of course, lets me keep in touch with them but I can no longer serve them in the way I did before. Before, it was meeting in person. After my work with them, I’d get a referral. Then the cycle of in-person work would start again.

Funny thing. When you move across the country into another time zone you lose access to that in-person work/referral/work cycle.

I have a few choices right now. Rebuild my in-person network (which I’m doing anyway because I’m highly social and love to meet new people,) shut down my business (no-thank-you I have too much to offer) or shift my work online. After years (decades to be honest) of helping others figure out how to transition from offline to online, I’m doing it for myself.

By shifting my work online, it solved a lot of problems. I can help more people and those people are no longer limited to the hours I can personally block out of my calendar.

It’s adding a lot more “me time” and “family time” as well. More time to explore the little towns in Hill Country Texas and find a new winery every weekend. More time to spend with my kids. More time to make new friends.

The challenge is that I fear I’ll lose some of the personal touches I give clients. That’s a limiting belief I’m working through myself. When I sat down to really stare this in the face, I realized that a large majority of what I give CAN be duplicated. At least the first 80% anyhow.

So my experience, my work, my knowledge, my passion – it’s all going into online courses.

Same output (coaching businesses), different input (online instead of in-person.)

People that need access to that level of transformation can still get it, but not in the same way. There may be workshops where we meet. If I have a say (and I do, it’s my company!) it will be at a fabulous retreat, beach or mountains, and it will involve fun, love, and LOTS of progress.

Because that’s what my business IS.

Fun and love and progress.

For you and me both.