Let’s say you have a great system¬†in place for getting the kids prepped for school, out the door, and a quiet house for working. Then a zillion tons of snow (or ice and sleet!) fall from the sky and keep your kids home on a snow day. Besides the required “French Toast” shopping trip (bread, eggs, milk) what can you do to keep yourself sane and the kids busy? Here are 10 of my ideas…
  1. charge all devices – phones, laptops, handheld game systems, e-readers
  2. charge your mobile battery packs
  3. download games, kindle books, Audible books, and podcasts for kids and yourself
  4. make sure your Google Docs and/or Dropbox is synced and can be used offline
  5. make lists for the kids to do – work, household, school
  6. planning calendar for next three months
  7. use your kids to work on a ‘intro to your business’ video / article / ebook
  8. sleep in and make sure your kids do also
  9. tackle some household honey-do tasks
  10. play in the snow! all work and no play makes parents and kids cranky