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Family Business Video Course

Does the idea of mixing family and business feel like a recipe for failure? It doesn’t have to be!

Whether you need your spouse to act as your CFO, your sibling to be your assistant, or “hiring” your young children, or even contracting a cousin to help with operations — mixing family and business can be a very delicate situation if not planned in advance and communicated effectively.

Through this training course, Lynette brings her 20 years of family business-building experience to the stage and quickly helps audiences identify, navigate and implement business-building strategies to include family in your business AND keep the peace at the dinner table!

Family Business Coaching

If you are looking for personalized help with a family-run business, Lynette can help guide and navigate you through the growth process.

  • Did you start a business with a family member?
  • Did you need the support of a family member to help get you to the next level in your business?
  • Did you take over a family business from a parent or grandparent?
  • Did you hire family members to work within your business?
  • How do you juggle kids and spouses and caretaking with the demands of running a business?
  • Were you in business with a family member and it (the business… or maybe even the family…) didn’t work out?
  • Are you currently looking to grow your business and want to incorporate your children (kids or adults) in the business?

Family can be your spouse/partner, sibling, grand/parent, grand/child, or even a cousin.

Philadelphia Area Family Business Beta Group

The sky is no longer the limit…

The FREE “The Business of Being a Family in Businessbeta training and mastermind program is to explore your experiences in starting, running, or growing a business with (or with the support of) your family. To do this I need to partner with owners of family businesses that are willing to help my team critique and fine-tune our products and services.

Are you in the New Jersey / Philadelphia area? We are specifically looking for people who are:

  • direct sales independent consultants
  • mom & pop retailers
  • professional bloggers and writers
  • franchise business owners
  • generational family business owners (children taking over for grand/parents)

Please note that applying for a spot does not guarantee you will be selected. We are looking for a cross-section of niches for family owned business owners. We may just get too many of one type then we need. Even if you don’t attend the in-person workshop, chances are we will still reach out to you for your input — and get VIP access as a result!

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