Fix This Next

Analysis Enrollment

The cost of the Fix This Next Analysis program is $1,500.

After completing the form below, we will be setting up a Basecamp project (be on the lookout for an email inviting you in!) You will have tasks to read through and complete in Basecamp along with appropriate deadlines.

Package Includes:

  • Fix This Next Interview : An in-depth interview with you (via Basecamp) that explores the major facets of the FTN methodology (Sales Profit Order Impact Legacy) and Lynette’s unique 6S Business Contextual Model as it pertains to your company
  • Fix This Analysis Report : Includes your FTN “One & Next” pain points that your company should be focusing on fixing. Also included as a bonus that no other Certified Fix This Next Advisor can offer — Lynette’s 6S Business Contextual Model (Starting, Stalling, Soaring, Shifting, Sinking or Selling)
  • Fix This Follow Up Call : A one-hour call directly with Lynette to explain your results and any next steps you should be making for your company

Estimated Engagement Time: One Week

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