Thanks for contacting Lynette about your upcoming event!

She and her team look forward to setting up a call to discuss how Lynette can be of service to your organization. Look for an email from us within the next day or so. In the meantime, we’ve put together some information below to help the process move along.

  • Lynette’s speaking fees range from $7,500 to $12,000 (inclusive of airfare travel) and are quoted on a per-event basis.
  • One-day San Antonio, TX events may be quoted at a reduced rate based on availability and scope.
  • International speaking fees and policies on request.

Details for booking Lynette for a keynote talk:

Any questions should be directed to Lynette’s assistant media @

Audio / Visual Considerations:
Lynette presents with minimal slides. To display presentation slides, Lynette can use:

  1. Preferred: Event-provided equipment. Lynette MUST do a visual run-through of the slides to ensure they are formatted to her liking on your equipment. All slides are 16:9 widescreen ratio and ‘flattened’ to be one graphic per slide to prevent incorrect fonts or resolution. (4:3 ratio available on request.) A wireless remote is preferred, but not necessary.
  2. If Needed: Her iPad running Keynote software her own remote. She has her own VGA & HDMI adapters for the iPad, so standard VGA or HDMI cable works just fine.
  3. Lynette does not generally pre-submit her presentation before the event but will provide you with a non-exclusive copy to distribute to attendees.
  4. No ‘sound out’ required for the slides unless indicated.
  5. Lynette’s preference is for a wireless lavalier microphone with a belt pack. Her second preference is an earpiece microphone. Even if she speaks from a podium, she prefers to use a wireless microphone.
  6. For any group more than 25 people, she needs a microphone. Please be sure that you’ve tested it on all areas of the stage and room for volume and for feedback.
  7. Lynette is comfortable speaking behind a podium but prefers walking the stage. If she is speaking from a podium, be prepared for her to walk out from behind it from time to time. Camera operators should be aware of this.
  8. Some large audiences are best served with projection screens. Her slides must be presented on the screens, and may be switched out with her image. If the ability to switch from slides to Lynette’s image is not available, a second screen displaying Lynette’s image only should be provided.
  9. A feedback monitor of her slides is not required.
  1. Q&A is tempting but not usually an effective way to end the presentation. Instead, Lynette recommends scheduling her talk right before a break and allotting some hallway space to talk to attendees. This should be announced before her talk and listed on the agenda.
  2. Lynette is more than happy to accommodate photographs after her talk and “meet and greet” allowing a few minutes to freshen up.
Introduction to Stage
  1. If a live-MC introduction is to be read, Lynette will provide a copy.
  2. If you would like to write a piece yourself, it must be approved by her.
  3. Lynette does not ‘intro’ herself on stage as that tends to take valuable time from the presentation.
  4. Any music must be approved by Lynette.
Travel and Accommodations
  1. If your booking involves an overnight stay, please be sure to find a hotel that is at or close to the venue, and always book a non-smoking, King or Queen room.
  2. Lynette always prefers to fly and arrive at the hotel the evening before her talk is scheduled. She is willing to attend the duration of the event on a case-by-case basis, so long as the hotel is covered.
  3. A flat-fee air travel stipend is preferred.
  4. Lynette kindly requests a gluten-free meal if possible (high sensitivity, not anaphylactic allergies.)
Sample Contract
Additional Items of Interest
  1. If you’d like to interact with Lynette before the event, please make arrangements with her assistant. Any pre-conference media you require from Lynette such as audio- or video- specific for the event can be arranged as well.
  2. Unless you specifically work it out, you don’t have the ability to record and then resell Lynette’s talk. If the talk is to be freely available online or part of the attendee package, it is fine, but you will need to complete a media release first.
  3. Any networking events in conjunction with the conference should be forwarded Lynette’s assistant so she can accommodate those of interest into her calendar.
  4. If you would like to have Lynette attend additional functions at the event such as a dinner or coaching sessions, please make arrangements prior to the scheduled event.